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9 out of 10 employers have said they’d watch a Visumé

Show potential employers what sets you apart

Landing the job of your dreams just became easier with Visumé.

A Visumé is a short-form video resumé that allow you to shine and make an outstanding impression on potential employers.

Most resumés are professionally produced in a standardised format, making it hard for employers to gain a sense of candidates.

Visumé solves this problem by quickly and easily connecting employers with your energy, personality and skills.

By providing employers with the option to view a video resumé, you can also demonstrate your resourcefulness and ability to embrace innovation, setting you apart from other candidates.

planning your cinema advertising

We plan your Video

We work with you to create a killer script. The script will then be prepared on a teleprompter, ready for filming.

edit cinema advertising

We build your Video

When you are ready to film your content, you can book a time that suits you. Within 30 minutes, we will have all the content recorded and ready for editing into your final product.

deliver cinema advertising

We deliver your Video

Once this is completed, you will be provided with a HD copy and YouTube link of your Visumé to be used wherever you want!

To learn more about Visumé watch the video below

Add-ons for your Visumé



We can include professional headshot images in your package to boost the quality of your job application materials and online presence.


Hair and Makeup

Project a professional and well-presented image for your Visumé by engaging an expert hair and make-up artist.


Alternate Background

We can produce an alternate version for you on both light and dark backgrounds.


Multi-format Delivery

Most brands post videos to multiple social media platforms. We can tailor different versions of your video to meet each platform’s specifications.


Background Music

For heightened engagement and a more memorable final product, we can complement your content with background music.


Fast Delivery

We understand that some projects require quick turnarounds and are happy to provide express delivery services when requested.

We understand that you are much more than just your resume.
Let us help you put your best foot forward with Visumé