It’s time to engage thousands of new customers on social media

Social Media is the future of marketing

Social media hasn’t just changed marketing, it’s changed everything. How we get our news, entertainment, communicate with family and friends and now, how we do business. That’s right, we’re talking specifically about Facebook, population 1.86 BILLION. They say in business go where the people are, and they are here. Everybody is.

Here, there is an audience ready to engage with, share and endorse your brand with others – but only if you create good content.

What’s the best engaging content for Facebook (above and beyond shared articles, written statuses and pictures)?

You guessed it, video content.

Now what we’re talking about is beyond that fantastic sponsored commercial that hooks them into your website, (that’s great and has it’s purpose) what we’re talking about is a social media video marketing stream designed to energise your social media presence in your marketplace.

LightBulb  Ideas to get you thinking

Essentially, a Final Focus video marketing stream is a bundle of short social media videos that are released one at a time via your Facebook business page on a regular cycle. This could be one video a week, one a month etc. The purpose is to engage your current followers, encourage content sharing, promote brand evangelism and build your social media tribe!

BlueTick Special offers

BlueTick Giving industry tips

BlueTick Starting topical conversations

BlueTick Offering expert advice

These are all great ways to boost your social media presence with your video marketing stream content.

See how some of our clients have engaged their audience

Getting started is so simple

We’ll work with you to come up the video marketing stream that suits the social media ideas you have. At this point we’ll generate a design concept for your business that will stand out on social media. Each video that we produce you’ll simply supply the text copy and you’ll have it back ready to go for Facebook within a couple of days.

 email social media videos

Send in your content

Simply email your text copy to be used on the social content for that event.

editing social media videos

Putting it together

So we’ve now got everything from you, it’s our turn. We’ll edit the social content to have the pop and attention it deserves so that your video stands out.

upload social media videos

Delivery for upload

Once we’ve completed the video we’ll send this to you for uploading to social media.

So what does it all cost?

Custom designed video stream packages perfect for your business starting from as little as $660. This starting package includes:

BlueTick 12x social media videos
BlueTick Animated logo
BlueTick Use of stock images


To learn more or to get your social media videos marketing stream started give us a call.

Add-ons for your Social Media Videos

photography social media videos


Sometimes you might like to use your own business images, we can provide a photographer to shoot the content needed for your video marketing stream.

filming social media videos


Filming a portfolio of stock footage of your business is great way to personalise your video marketing stream content.

talent casting social media videos

Talent Casting

Casting the right talent for your video can be challenging. Allow us to look after the process and cast the perfect people for the job.

voiceover social media videos


Adding a professional voiceover to your video marketing streams is a great way to reinforce your branding.

Music and sound effects social media videos

Music and Sound Effects

Incorporating music and sound effects is a great way to make your video more engaging and bring it further to life.

fast delivery social media videos

Fast Delivery

We understand that some projects require quick turnarounds and are happy to provide express delivery services when requested.