Train, educate or instruct your audience with explainer videos

Get your message across in a time and accurate way

Do you need to inform your customers or employees but don’t want to bore them? Explainer videos are an engaging way to deliver instructional content while also being time and cost-effective. They can be short FAQ or ‘how to’ videos for your customers, or longer training videos for your employees.

Benefits of delivering information via an explainer video include ensuring all necessary content is covered and is accurate and appropriately worded.

Additionally, explainer videos allow for the the ability to re-watch content, accommodating different learning paces as well as the ability to use close-up shots, on screen-text, motion graphics, animation and slow motion to highlight important processes to add to the learning experience.

Our combined background in education and video production will ensure your explainer video is clear, powerful and engaging for your intended audience.

We plan your video

Here we plan the logistics of the video production, including primarily developing your video script; the blueprint to your video.

We build your video

Once the script is locked, video production begins. This is the stage of filming and editing where our team brings your video to life.

delivery your commercials

We deliver your video

Once approved by you, we will then deliver your completed video production to your specific requirements, perfect for your target platform.

Add-ons for your Explainer Videos

photography explainer videos


Sometimes you may not have high quality photos, we can provide a photographer to shoot the content you need for your production.

multi-formats explainer videos

Multi-format Delivery

Most brands post videos to multiple social media platforms. We can tailor different versions of your video to meet each platform’s specifications.

fast delivery explainer videos

Fast Delivery

We understand that some projects require quick turnarounds and are happy to provide express delivery services when requested.