Engage your audience with an impressive online commercial for your business

Engage and excite your audience

At Final Focus, we understand that effective  commercials are not just about high quality video production. We blend our technical expertise with a proven understanding of communication strategies to ensure that your message is clear and successfully connects you with your target market.

Our filmmaking background also allows us to identify innovative ways to tell the story behind your brand and engage your customers.

We delight in crafting commercials that have strong reach and ROI potential. We can cater to all traditional delivery means for your commercial, including television, cinema and social media. We can also supply your project on USB, DVD or Blu-ray, as commercials are a powerful way to connect with customers in-store and at events such as festivals, conferences and trade shows.

planning your commercials

We plan your video

We use our expertise to understand the needs of your business and develop a killer creative outline, script and production strategy.

building your commercials

We build your video

Once the script is approved, video production begins. This is where our team brings your video to life through our high quality filming and editing skills.

delivery your commercials

We deliver your video

When you are happy with the completed product, we will tailor the video to the specifications of your video viewing platforms and help you launch it.

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Add-ons for your Commercials


Multi-day Shoot

Shooting over multiple days is a great solution when the project scope is large or multiple locations are required.


Specialised Camera Gear

The best and easiest way to boost the production value of your video is by using specialised camera equipment, such as cranes, steadicams and drones.


Talent Casting

Casting the right talent for your video can be challenging. Allow us to look after the process and cast the perfect people for the job.


Multi-format Delivery

Most brands post videos to multiple social media platforms. We can tailor different versions of your video to meet each platform’s specifications.


Hair and Makeup

Create the perfect look and enhance the value of your video production by engaging a professional hair and make-up artist.


Fast Delivery

We understand that some projects require quick turnarounds and are happy to provide express delivery services when requested.