Engage a captive audience with a cinema advertisement

Cinema advertising is powerful

There’s nothing like seeing your brand on the big screen! Cinema advertisements connect you with primed and engaged audiences in your local area and have been proven to increase the likelihood of people buying your brand. Your commercial is viewed in optimal audio and visual settings, increasing the impact on viewers and improving brand recall.

We are a proud partner of Village Cinemas and have close working relationships with many other cinema chains in Victoria, producing over 300 cinema advertisements to date.

We are happy to assist our clients with organising a great advertising campaign at their preferred cinema(s) – please contact us for an obligation-free consultation.

Complete the Brief

We will provide a brief for you to complete. This allows us to develop a highly effective video script that suits your business, target audience and message.

building your commercials

We build your video

Once the script is approved, video production begins. This is where our team brings your advert to life through our high quality filming and editing skills.

delivery your commercials

We deliver to cinema

When you are happy with the completed product, we will provide you with a high quality version and send out to the cinema.

See how some of our clients have engaged their audience

Standard Commercial

  • 15 second motion graphic commercial
  • Editor
  • Script development
  • Voiceover and music
  • Animated logo
  • Delivery to cinema

Upgraded Commercial

  • 30 second motion graphic commercial
  • Editor
  • Script development
  • Voiceover and music
  • Animated logo
  • Delivery to cinema

Filmed Commercial

  • 15-30 second filmed commercial
  • Director, Camera operator, Editor
  • Script development
  • Voiceover and music
  • Animated logo
  • Delivery to cinema

*Pricing includes GST.

Add-ons for your Cinema Adverts

photography product video


Sometimes you may not have high quality photos. We can provide a photographer to shoot the content you need for your production.

talent casting product video

Talent Casting

Casting the right talent for your advert can be challenging. Allow us to look after the process and cast the perfect people for the job.


Hair and Makeup

Create the perfect look and enhance the value of your video production by engaging a professional hair and make-up artist.


Specialised Camera Gear

The best and easiest way to boost the production value of your video is by using specialised camera equipment, such as cranes, steadicams and drones.


Logo Redraw

Sometimes businesses don’t have a high-quality vector drawing of their logo for us to animate. We can redraw your logo and supply this back to you for future use.


Fast Delivery

We understand that some projects require quick turnarounds and are happy to provide express delivery services when requested.

In Australia, it is now a requirement to have your advertisement converted to a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) for screening in a cinema environment.

We are one of the few providers of DCP conversion and include this service in all of our cinema advertising packages.