We can assist your business with a range of video solutions, including product, training, business card and promotional videos.


We specialise in high quality advertisements and commercials, covering cinema, television and online formats.


We provide filming, editing and post-production services for the entertainment industry, including film, television, music clip and showreel production.

How does video bring you into focus?

Experts estimate that 1 minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words, allowing you to convey information more effectively than any other medium. Video is compelling, persuasive and engaging.


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Why video is vital
of all mobile traffic
increase in website retention rates
more engagement than static content

What is the process involved with creating a video?

Final Focus makes it easy, affordable and worthwhile for people who want their videos to stand out from the crowd.


Identifying the best approach for your video


We work with you to identify your goals for the video. We then tailor a script and strategy to deliver your message to your target audience. Following your approval, we then organise your video production, including digital assets, locations and on-screen talent.


Capturing the best content


We film your content using high-end audiovisual equipment. Our equipment includes Ultra HD production cameras, Rode audio hardware, an 18-foot crane, camera jib, dolly tracks and steadicam.


Delivering the best visual experience


We edit your production footage to achieve a stunning video product. Using software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Studio and DaVinci Resolve, we add visual elements such as motion graphics and animated logos. The sound design of your content can incorporate professional voiceovers, music and sound effects.

Where can your videos be used?

Videos offer unlimited reach and an unlimited lifespan, making them an extremely cost-effective and flexible solution for your needs.
Some of the many platforms for using videos include:

  • Television commercials

  • Cinema advertising

  • Tradeshows, expos and festivals

  • Physical in-store presence

  • Social media

  • Digital business cards

  • Presentations

  • Sales pitches

  • Business-to-business networking

  • Press releases

  • Youtube channels

  • Blogs

  • Email links

  • DVDs and BluRay

  • Slideshows

  • Webinars

  • Digital newsletters

  • Paid online advertising campaigns

Television commercial

Cinema advertisement

Social media

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